Weekly outline

  • "The whole team is busily collecting and updating information so we can see real-time analytics of the health of our communithy and individuals." 

    3. Learn about Dashboards




    As we move forward into the next section of our course, we'll delve into the heart of SORMAS—the Dashboard. Through detailed, step-by-step guides, you'll learn how to navigate the Dashboard effectively, making it a powerful tool in our efforts to manage and respond to health issues. There are three dashboard views: Surveillance, Contacts and Samples.Each one offers an overview with charts, maps and summaries.You will learn how to use filters and interactive elements to drill down and group data.You will need a few hours to practice these new skills.

    Embrace this opportunity to enhance your skills; each step you take is a step toward mastery of a tool that saves lives every day. This knowledge isn't just empowering—it's essential for making a tangible difference in public health. So, let's get started and unlock the full potential of SORMAS together!


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      Watch this webinar about SORMAS

      In this 30 minute presentation, we provide an overview of the different dashboards in SORMAS. We explain the purpose and functionality of each dashboard, including the cases dashboard, contacts dashboard, and samples dashboard. We will demonstrate how to navigate the directories associated with each dashboard to access and manage the data. Additionally, we introduce the concept of events and explain how they are captured and investigated within the system. You can stop the video and read more information provided as links or hotspots. During the video you must complete the quiz questions to show you understood the key concepts:

      • The dashboard provides an overview of diseases, cases, contacts, and samples.
      • The surveillance dashboard provides an overview of cases and contacts in SORMAS.
      • Contacts dashboard shows the status of contact tracing activities and transmission chain diagram helps analyze disease transmission visually.
      • Samples dashboard displays the status of laboratory results and test samples. Data for the dashboards can be found in the respective directories.
      • Events and event participants can be managed in SORMAS for investigation purposes.
      • The person directory in SORMAS acts as an overview of all unique entities within the system, similar to a telephone book.SORMAS allows tracking of multiple entities connected to one person, such as cases, contacts, samples, and events.


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    • Demonstration of SORMAS 

      The best way to understand SORMAS software is to take it for a test drive yourself! So we made a testing site where you can login and play around in a safe space. The testing data is regularly deleted. The SORMAS demo system contains fictional test data, so there’s no live data in the system.We invite you to access the system and enter data, but it should be kept fictional and not include information about real people. The site looks different for each person depending on the role and level of access. You can login as someone who collects data or as a manager who organises and reviews all of the information.  The step by step guides below will show you how to login and use the SORMAS practice installation.

      Open the SORMAS Demo Site

      Test your Knowledge

      The following activities will test if you have been practicing using SORMAS and understand what you have learned.

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