How do I get a new password?


Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. Before starting a course, please tell us your name and email by creating an account so we can issue a certificate.


What skills and equipment do I need to particate?

There are no specific skills required. SORMAS offers many roles from basic data entry to speciaised professional roles. Anyone is wlcome to start our training.

What does it cost to use SORMAS?

The courses on our SORMAS Academy are free.

Although SORMAS software is free to install for an unlimited number of users, there are other server, set up and maintenance costs.

How many people can do this training course at once?

We invite both individuals and organisations to create accounts to track learning, completions and certificates issued. The system is based on Moodle LMS that can be upscaled to thousands, even millions, of people.

Last modified: Monday, 1 July 2024, 7:53 AM