Weekly outline

  • "We must be united and organised to understand  how this disease can be stopped! Are you with me?"

    7.Learn about tasks

    Welcome to the "Tasks" section of our SORMAS e-learning course, where you'll harness the power of effective task management.Tasks are like to-do list items that are assigned to health workers or officials. This section is dedicated to empowering you as the hero in the ongoing mission to enhance public health response through diligent work, consistent follow-ups, and practice needed to master SORMAS.

    In SORMAS, a "task" refers to a specific job or activity that needs to be completed as part of managing and controlling disease outbreaks. Here’s how tasks work in SORMAS:

    ✔️Assigned Jobs: Each task has a specific goal, like checking on a person who might be sick, collecting samples for testing, or following up with people who have been in contact with an infected person.

    ✔️Tracking and Organization: Tasks help keep everything organized and ensure that nothing important is missed during an outbreak. They help manage the workload by assigning specific duties to different team members.

    ✔️Updates and Monitoring: Each task can be updated with new information as it is completed. For example, a health worker can note whether a patient has been seen, what the symptoms are, and what steps are next.

    ✔️Prioritization and Scheduling: Tasks can be prioritized based on their urgency. This helps health workers know which actions to take first, especially when dealing with many cases or a fast-moving outbreak.

    Overall, tasks in SORMAS are crucial for managing public health activities efficiently, ensuring that every important action is planned, tracked, and executed properly. Embrace the challenge of becoming a skilled operative in the public health arena. Each task you undertake and complete not only contributes to your personal growth but also fortifies the collective effort against health crises. In this section, you'll learn how to create, manage, and modify tasks effectively, turning each action into a stepping stone towards excellence in health management.

    Let's gear up to dive into the intricacies of task management with SORMAS. Remember, every task completed is a testament to your commitment and a critical contribution to the broader goal of safeguarding community health. You are the backbone of this endeavor, and together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes in the fight against diseases. So, let's move forward with determination and transform every challenge into an opportunity to excel.